Company Overview


Adirondacks Protection Services was founded by a former law enforcement officer who migrated from Guyana St. Lucia to the United States of America in February 2002 and started his employment career as a regular security guard in a downtown Brooklyn store in bed Stuyvesant.

The company is privately owned and managed by experienced office support staff who previously served in various positions at various private contract security companies in the Tri-State region.

The company is licensed, bonded, and insured in the State of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The company is committed to providing professional security services to its clients and strives to maintain a good long term partnership with them.

The company is relatively small in comparison to the National Security Companies operating in the Tri-State area. Still, its size does not diminish its performances and capabilities to function like any other national security company in the Tri-State area. Instead, its size provides a noticeable and distinct advantage to allow its clients easy access to communicate directly with its experienced management team regularly concerning any unprecedented issues.

Adirondacks Protection Services

Our Management Team

Colin Blackman

Colin Blackman

- President

The Chief Executive Officer, Owner, and Founder of Adirondacks Protection Services . Former Contract Security Guard Operations Manager worked as a security guard, security guard dispatcher, and field supervisor.

Worked at the three largest security companies in the Tri-State area. Former Director of Dragnet Base Investigation & Collection Services, St. Lucia, West Indies. Colin has over 38 years of security experience, shared between security guard duties, supervision, and management. Colin is directly responsible for the overall administration of the company and oversees accounting, operation, and business development.

Colin graduated from the City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Services, Security Management Institute, and the Levin College of Business Development. Colin is an active member of the American Society for Industrial Security - ASIS.

Officer of the Week

Our security guards are the backbone of our entire business operation, and they are trained, certified, and licensed by the New York State Division of Licensing Services. You will receive personalized attention, and especially the kind of efficient service small companies more often capable of providing to their clients. We are indeed hands-on and person to person in our approach. We will fulfill your every security need.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Adirondacks Protection Services always maintains the basic concept of continuous quality improvement, and from the beginning of the process to establish a partnership, we apply those principles.

Adirondacks Protection Services realizes that the most successful business relationship is based on a mainly proactive, long term partnership that is oriented towards adding value and growth and creates a win-win relationship for the clients from the beginning.

Adirondacks Protection Services work together with their client to design plans to achieve both companies' objectives.

Adirondacks Protection Services believes that by setting appropriate goals and obtaining cooperation from their clients, quality improvement can be sustained and achieved.

Retention and Benefits

Retention Programs

The key to Adirondacks Protection Services recognition, and the success of growth is embedded in the careful selection of its security guards, which helps to minimize the turnover rate and provide quality service to all our clients.

Our security guards are the backbone of our company, and work hard, usually far beyond the call of their duty, and we are emphatic about recognizing their efforts and contribution.

Hence, to promote and encourage excellence, we have instituted recognition programs to acknowledge and reward the performance and self-improvement and personal development of our security guards.


Adirondacks Protection Services enjoy praising individual security guards for jobs well done and compliment them for their outstanding performances with financial incentives.

To date, we have made cash awards to the amount of ten thousand dollars to our valued employees for their excellent performance.
We also recognize and reward our security guards for completion of special training, safe work habits, and meritorious achievement on their length of employment in the company.

We award certificate of commendation and certificate of appreciation which are accompanied with a company's check.

Annually, we give our security guards of the year and supervisor of the year awards at our Christmas party. Our winning officers and supervisors and their families and friends are guests at the event that recognize and reward their superior performance.


Adirondacks Protection Services recognize that a generous benefits program is part of a useful tool in the recruitment and retention of high caliber security guards and offers a comprehensive benefits program to all of its full-time employees.

The Benefits Program Includes:

Two Paid Days Off

Overtime Pay

Special Assignments

Paid Holidays

Paid Vacation

Paid Family Leave

Medicaid Assistance Program

Our clients are not required to offer any benefits through our programs or are they require to absorb the cost of benefit on behalf of the security guards. The program is strictly a Adirondacks Protection Services benefits program.

Free Uniforms

Adirondacks Protection Services provides uniform to their security guards free of charge. Adirondacks Protection Services uniform represents the professional image of the company and their security guards.

Adirondacks Protection Services uniform comprises of a black suit with a white shirt, black tie, and black shoes, black blazer with sky blue shirt, black tie, black pants, and black shoes, sky blue police-style shirt with black tie and black pant and black shoes; yellow polo jersey, black jeans pants, and black booths.

We also provide seasonal garments to our security guards and ensure that they are adequately dressed to perform their duties during each season.

Adirondacks Protection Services also provides hard hats, reflective vests and steel toe booths for their security guards who are assigned to construction sites.


Our Philosophy

Adirondacks Protection Services is united by the highest standard of integrity, quality, and respect the security guard service profession demands. The company believes in the guiding principles of offering and providing comprehensive cost-efficient solutions to address the security needs of its client and building long term relationships while paying above average wages to its security guards.

Our Values

Our Vision

Adirondacks Protection Services envisage becoming the best provider of uniform security guard service in the State of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut by using a unique formula of services and technology to achieve the mission of delivering excellence while paying above average wages to its security guards.


Our Mission

Adirondacks Protection Services's mission is to remove all worries of security needs from its clients while maintaining its partnership and constantly improving its partnership relationship with its clients and its employees through communication tools and accessibility to management.

Our Values

Adirondacks Protection Services adheres to the guiding principles of trust, ethics, value, lawfulness, and honesty in every action we take, and all decisions we make. We will not compromise our value system for profit at the expense of paying below average wages to our valuable security guards.

Our Philosophy

Professional Organization

Adirondacks Protection Services stays abreast of the latest security equipments and trends in the security industry through publications and membership association in many organizations, including the American Society for Industrial Security - ASIS.

Our Philosophy

Our Commitment

Adirondacks Protection Services is 100% committed to providing the highest level of security service the profession demands and will always ensure that its clients receive that personalized service and attention. We are hands-on in our professional approach and our experienced management team is the champion of champions. It will fulfil the partnership and contractual agreement to satisfy all of your security needs.